Prosperity Laws for Daily Existence

Enjoy every single day and see it from a different angle every time. Try to comb yourself using a different hand or button up your shirt using a different hand. Those exercises will make your brain more alert and will turn off the automatic system that you use in all your acts. As every game has it rules, prosperity has is rules too. Once you play by the book, you start seeing how everything changes; when we dance well the world takes our pace and dances as well as us.

Some of the dynamic laws of the prosperity are:

Law of forgiving and forgetting; Law of Imagination, Law of Creativity, Law of Thinking, Law of Circulation, Law of Attraction, Law of Vacuum, Law of Cause and Effect and Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life.

Some personal motivators say that it is indispensable to have a burning desire to become prosperous. Anthony Robbins says that, “…to achieve extraordinary results in our ordinary lives we need to act.”

The burning desire is the beginning yet multiple actions are the ones that are going to bring riches. A desire without action is like a plane without wings or engine; it is good to go nowhere. The decision of becoming prosperous helps you to cross a point of not return. Once you get onto this ascending path, it will be the one taking us to learn new lessons and involving us in new goals and new dreams.

Temporal failures and mistakes will not define your outcome in life. You can get whatever you want as long as it does not go against universal laws. If you want to see a sunrise in the west, it is not going to happen. Do not try to fly by yourself because you are going to hit the ground unless you are Superman or get a ticket to fly on a plane. If you want to bend the laws of physics, you have to know them first. That is how the Wright brothers invented the airplane. Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the electric bulb, succeeded only after more than 9,000 tryouts.

Once he got his invention in place, one journalist asked Mr. Edison about why he persisted after too many failures: “Failures? Every time I tried I discovered a different way of not inventing the electric bulb.” If Edison would have not had enough determination, we would not have known the modern society we live today. There is a phrase attributed to the American Indians that says, “Only the eagles dare to fly with the eagles.” Be yourself an eagle so you can fly with them. You are as powerful as you think you are. Put the mark of your dreams high and let your acts talk about how high you want to fly. Your presence, your posture, how you talk, how you react in different situations already say a lot about who you are and where are you going. If you want to succeed, you will need to study three important branches of the art of life:

1- NLP (neuro-linguistic programming [body language and what you say to other people with the use of it])

2- Sales (You are always selling, even when you don’t notice it)

3- Marketing (It’s the art of letting people know about you and your product).

People do not know or do not realize that when you are at a job interview or performing a business transaction, you say much more through body language than with words. Counterparts are looking for the meaning hidden behind your gestures, the position of your body and even your silences. Standing with one or two hands in your hips shows security (do not over do it, though). If instead you have the arms crossed at the height of your chest you are saying, “I do not care,” moving the legs to the left or the right shows sexual anxiety and insecurity.

Biting nails or a pencil shows also a high level of nervousness and insecurity. Then you are talking and open your arms with the palms of the hands looking up shows sincerity. If the palms are facing down, it shows despise and it is offensive at subconscious levels. A hand in the cheek with two fingers extended up, shows interest (if your body is leaning forward). If one or more fingers are covering the mouth; it shows discrepancy and an argumentative nature. Consult any good book about NLP and make it your second nature. People do not want to hear what you have to say and they only want to hear what you have mastered. In regards to sales; you are always selling something but you just don’t notice it.

If you are looking for a partner, for a job or if you’re introducing yourself to a new friend; you are selling yourself. Sales do come to you naturally and you really do not have to be a special kind of person or have exclusive sales skills. You only need to know that when you are talking to a prospect (possible buyer of the product), you need to tell him what the product will do for him. In every situation, a human being wants to know what is in for him or her. That is when you explain the benefits of whatever unique propositions you have.

Focus your attention strictly on the customer and his interests; tell them the features of your products only after talking about benefits. If you are talking about the customer and what they are going to get: you are talking about benefits. But if you are talking about yourself or about the qualities of the product, then you are talking about features.

Let’s say they ask you to sell a Toyota, one of the best cars in the market and you begin to say: This car has four cylinders and has been acclaimed as one of the best cars of its class. You are talking about features, not benefits. If instead you say: “This hybrid car makes 37 miles per gallon what will help you to save money in gas, is very comfortable and spacious”. “It is one of the most secure cars driving under hazardous conditions and provides good safety to you and your family”…those are benefits. (If you want to improve your sales skills go to Marketing is another important skill that you need to develop. If you exist but people do not know it, you are dead: it is as simple as that.

Marketing is like science. I would like to suggest that if you want to be known in this world, take a marketing course with Dan Kennedy ( I would rather prefer to recommend you a valuable resource than to talk a little bit about something that is science in itself. Change what you believe in, how you act and the world as you know it, will change too. If you are not sure about your abilities or capabilities, please follow the advice of Les Brown, a great personal motivator who says it better than no one in the title of his book, “It is not over until you win.” Make of winning a must, not a choice. If others can, you can, too. If you even dare to think that it is too late – unless you are dead and reading my book in a cemetery – it is not too late so if you want some rest in the future start winning now.

Jose Emilio Polo Madero
Author of the book “Compete With Life and Win!The Secret of the Prosperity Laws”