Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry and International Economic Collapse

On the 18th of February 2011, the Cornel University Library introduced a quantum organic discovery by two Chinese scientists from universities in Mongolia. The scientists utilized mathematics to make clear why proteins have been folded in a weird way inside DNA, in defiance of the 20th Century’s scientific world-view.

An extract from the e book entitled, Science-Artwork and Human Survival Engineering, revealed a ten years previously by the Science-Art Investigation Centre of Australia, experienced predicted the discovery built by Liaofu Luo and Jun Lu. An extract from the ebook mentioning mobile membrane follows. “Evolutionary route is furnished by the regularly altering styles of the evolving protein, which when calculated, demonstrates that it is relocating toward universal infinity.” This principle is in defiance of the Einsteinian world-view.

The properties of the liquid crystal optic design of the cellular membrane, at nano-scale, are thought of to perceive the existence of holographic fact. This awareness is transmitted to consciousness by means of endorphins developing a Golden Necessarily mean sample recognition enjoyment, involving an electromagnetic procedure (the Greek Wisdom As a result of Natural beauty notion). The altering protein designs are known to be expressing aspects of infinite fractal geometry, which, in historical Mesopotamia was known as sacred geometry. The geometry’s association with the style of residing points was taught to students which includes Leonardo da Vinci, in the course of the 15th Century by Fibbonacci and Pacioli, when they released Babylonian arithmetic to European civilisation.

Pacioli summed up this mathematical hyperlink to biology with his renowned quotation“Like God, the Divine Proportion is always equivalent to alone “, this is identified now to be an expression of the infinite residence of fractal logic. These kinds of design geometry is discovered in the design of residing points, these kinds of as pine-cones, sunflowers and pineapples. The Molecule of Emotion, learned in 1972 by Dr Candace Pert, evolves by expanding the velocity of its molecular motion as an infinite fractal expression. The Mesopotamian mathematics can now be joined to an emotional Platonic Greek science termed The science for ethical finishes. Having said that, that particular science was derived, not from the Babylonian Thriller colleges, but from Mesopotamia’s historical Egyptian Mystery educational institutions, as was learned by the mathematician, Buckminster Fuller.

Nanotechnology has unveiled that the variance concerning Fuller’s conclusions from the Egyptian educational institutions and the mathematical findings by Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein, derived from the Babylonian educational institutions, is essential. As Fuller pointed out, this variation is about producing a preference in between Utopia or Oblivion. Bertrand Russell’s most well-liked essay, published in 1904, entitled A Freeman’s Worship, insisted we need to endure the continuous reign of chaos and despair associated with Einstein’s environment-perspective. Their shared planet-perspective held that the second law of thermodynamics, recognized also as the legislation of common chaos, should usually govern our scientific society. That legislation of training course contains the science upholding world wide financial rationalism.

Russell and Einstein insisted that when the universe eventually radiated all of its energy out into chilly place, then all lifestyle in the universe need to be ruined. Russell referred to this miserable conclude to every little thing, as a “Universe in thermodynamic wreck.” On the other hand, this notion has been verified to be incorrect. The recent CERN experiment, printed by the journal Mother nature, confirmed that dying novae in the Milky Way despatched cosmic radiation by hundreds of thousands of yrs of place-time to affect the progress of life on earth. This cosmic radiation from novae in the Milky Way brings about clouds on earth to create rain. This discovery created chaos in just the European carbon credit score overall economy, which is now on the point of collapse. So substantially for global economic rationalism.

The demise of a dinosaur in historical jasper fields made a fatty acid liquid crystal soap, which, when uncovered to the similar cosmic radiation, began to flip into jasper crystals. The sacred geometries can be observed in this course of action and mathematicians have posted that the crystalline structures form infinite fractal logic statements appropriate to historical mathematical mythologies.

The way of thinking of Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein could never have imagined that such a phenomenon may exist. Their scientific globe-look at would by no means have suggested to them the likelihood of using arithmetic to discovery the suitable physics laws accountable for this kind of a thing. To them, no scientific clarification of how sacred geometry may well account for the human mythical intuition that the dwelling approach proceeded toward infinity, would have been possible. No styles of lifestyle on earth, becoming associated with the workings of an infinite holographic universe, are allowed for below their dictum, which held that at some point all everyday living in the universe have to be destroyed.

In 1990, the Australian Science-Art Research Centre’s mathematician found the new daily life electricity legislation, which was printed by the world’s major technological exploration institute, IEEE-SPIE Milestone Series, as becoming a person of the wonderful discoveries from 20th Century literature. The Einsteinian dying-want legacy, governing Western culture’s greater training system, just prohibited mainstream science from investigating this discovery more. In 1995 an intercontinental peer critique assessment of the discovery, under the auspices of the Institute for Basic Research in The usa, introduced the discovery of the Centre’s mathematics as being related to new physics legislation governing the best possible biological progress and improvement via house-time. The Einsteinian environment-check out can thus be considered to be cancerous.

We can gain an insight into why Western society is destroying alone, by comparing the difference involving the worship of dominant religious deities of ancient Babylon and of historic Egypt. Western mathematics and physics affiliated the use of sacred geometries as belonging to the legendary worship of the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar, the Goddess of sexual intercourse and war. Betrand Russell in his autobiography, wrote, that all through his adolescence he was very lonely and the only explanation that he did not commit suicide was his want to learn additional about how ancient mathematics were being joined to metaphysical philosophy.

In Russell’s A Background of Western Philosophy, he does appear to elevate the position of the Goddess Ishtar, whilst the use of sacred geometries to clarify her mythical existence are exceptionally intricate. He did nevertheless, come to be the most popular British advocate of ‘free love’, as was released inside of his e-book entitled ‘Marriage and Morals’. His appointment as a professor at the Metropolis University of New York in 1940 was annulled less than a courtroom get, which considered him morally unfit to train at the school. His 1st a few marriages ended in sordid community shame, but his perspective to sexual behaviour appeared to be of a lot less relevance all through his fourth marriage in his declining decades.

Bertrand Russell was a brave man or woman who gained a Nobel Prize for his contributions towards free believed. His own sex daily life, connected with Babylonian mathematical fantasy nevertheless, did relate to Western scientific thought. This gets evident when we review Russell’s findings to Buckminster Fuller’s discoveries, which were associated with the worship of ancient Egypt’s legendary Goddess Maat.

Maat was the Goddess of fact and splendor who prevented the universe from reverting to chaos. In Russell’s most well-known essay, entitled A Freeman’s Worship, he advocated the opposite, a despairing, soulless worship of chaos alone, as defined by Einstein’s incorrect definition of common chaos as becoming the Leading legislation of all science.

A comparison of the results of intuitive mythology upon the heath of Babylonian and historical Egyptian civilisations, reveals the enormity of the Russell-Einstein development of Western science. A 1995 governmental report entitled Sexual attitudes, preferences and infections in Historical Egypt by Robert S Morton, reveals why international financial rationalism is essentially at the stage of collapse. With ‘modification‘, the Fullerene clinical science proposed by the 1996 Nobel laureates in chemistry can reverse this threat to world humanity. A United Nations mandate ensuring that the administration of governments are to be guided by a Platonic-Fullerene professional medical ethos, would conserve the day. Aristotle’s principle of an moral clinical science, for the health and fitness of the universe, would deliver for his ennobling governing administration created to avert the destruction of civilisation, to turn out to be a actuality.

Ennobling govt, in which persons strove to become individually responsible for continual moral actions, judged by an moral medical science, would be equipped to acquire the supra-technologies that Fuller realised had been innate inside the Platonic Science for moral ends. We can thank Pythagoras for his definition of non secular liberty, which connected it to the nature of light from his experiments at the historic Egyptian Thriller educational institutions. Religious liberty is linked to the electromagnet transmission of holographic recognition from the cellular membrane, the All Viewing Eye, guiding human evolution. Thomas Jefferson experienced some instinct of this phenomenon when he depicted the Pythagorean principle of spiritual liberty on the Wonderful Seal of The united states.

In the report about historic Egypt culture remaining guided by worship of Maat, Robert Morton stated that historical Egyptian mummy autopsies revealed that the incidence of sexually transmitted disorders was small compared to other Mesopotamian civilisations. Youngsters had been schooled in Maat’s teachings of reality and justice up till the age of 12-14 many years, when at puberty they became grownup. Morton notes “the absence of any recognition of adolescence as we know and define it”. The report identified that “the structure functioned efficiently by way of Ma’at and the social cement of the spouse and children”. Household contentment, legitimate regard for motherhood, and a democratic existence inside their kind of government, a beneficial export market place with taxes paid by pyramid development work, and a absence of adolescence rise up, appeared to outline a society that Morton regarded we may perhaps effectively envy today.

The sacred geometrical myth of the Egyptian intellect-set, fused mercy and compassion into the each day lifestyle of the populace, who essential to be dependable for moral carry out in order to be judged in shape for entry into an afterlife. Subsequent the collapse of the Egyptian To start with Kingdom, due to a extended drought, the persons of the second Kingdom fused the ethics of mercy, compassion and justice into the cloth of political law. Later Greek mathematicians included the virtue of Platonic really like into their Atomistic Science of universal like. This is in distinction to the scientifically unbalanced thought of contemporary Democracy, in which unethical greed by individuals, who do not sense any have to have to be held accountable for their actions, accelerates social chaos.

In the 5th Century Ad, the custodian of the Great Library of Alexandria, the virgin mathematician, Hypatia, was murdered by a rioting Christian mob and the library’s scrolls were being burnt. St Augustine declared all the Mesopotamian sacred geometry arithmetic to be the operate of the Devil, citing the Bible’s description of the Good Whore of Babylon.

Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein grew up inside a culture ignorant of the simple fact that the dwelling process was an expression of an infinite common fractal evolutionary course of action. The a lot quicker that the United Nations establishes the new Platonic-Fullerene healthcare science to guide ennobling authorities, the more rapidly we can acquire the human survival supra-systems from the lost Science for moral ends.

© Professor Robert Pope.