A Unique Scholarship Search

So you don’t think that a college education is “your thing”? What is your thing? Do you like to cook, play video games, collect stamps, or skateboard? Believe it or not there are fields of study and scholarships available to people with such interests.

Where do you begin a scholarship search to fund the study of skateboarding? Well, everyone is aware of athletic scholarships, and over the years these have evolved to accommodate the wide range of athletic clubs, events, teams and leagues that have begun to appear in colleges and universities throughout the country. For skateboard athletes there is the Patrick Kerr Skateboard scholarship.

Named in memory of an honor student and “skateboard activist”, the group works to aid skateboarders in pursuing their career goals through the granting of scholarship funds. A student who would like to try for one of the scholarships will need to submit an essay describing how skateboarding has been a positive influence in their life. They will also need to prove their involvement in supporting and participating in skateboarding in their community. This can bring a student anywhere from one to five thousand dollars in scholarship money.

Skateboarding isn’t your sport of choice? How about bowling? This is a sport that also requires a specific set of well developed skills. It is also a rapidly growing sport and many students grow up participating in a local league, or they join one in high school or college. The United States Bowling Congress currently makes more than six million dollars available to their members through a handful of programs, awards and prizes. Currently there are dozens of colleges and universities sponsoring NCAA bowling teams, and they can offer these athletic scholarships to prospective students who also happen to be dedicated bowlers.

Don’t have the skills, but you love the sport? Well, there is a scholarship program for a golf enthusiast who may not have a great deal of golfing skills. The Evans Scholars Foundation makes scholarships available to experienced golf caddies. The recipients receive an astonishing amount of support from the Foundation – including full tuition and housing expenses if they attend a school in their home states of Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Not athletic? That’s just fine too. There are currently scholarships for people who are left handed, or who are vegetarians, for those “Trekkies” who study the Klingon language, even some funding for duck calling enthusiasts. Clearly a college education isn’t limited to a specific number of fields or degree programs.

There are millions of jobs and career paths available in the world, and these unusual scholarships attempt to support and encourage students to continue their academic careers – no matter what their specific field of study will be. A successful scholarship search will look at a student’s unique interests and skills and may turn up a rare opportunity for college money.